How Feast It Deli works

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Select your restaurant kit from our wide range of the best restaurants from across the UK, each bringing their own unique style. Each one has been carefully vetted before being added to the platform and we won't accept anything but the best.

Once you choose which kit works best for you has been selected, pick what day you'd like it to to be delivered and then before you know it, you'll have a courier arrive outside your front door with all your ingredients.

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Recreate your favourite dishes at home

Once your kit has arrived, open up your box and unpack all of the ingredients. Each meal kit comes with detailed instructions on how to create the dish. Follow the step-by-step process to create the dish and then you just need to plate up.

We love to hear your feedback on the meal kits you're receiving, don't be afraid to contact us to let us know your thoughts!

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Start eating!

It's literally that easy. Pick your kit, get it delivered, get cooking and enjoy. It couldn't be more simple to start enjoying the UK's best designed restaurant meal kits.

Frequently asked questions

How does delivery work?

Each restaurant completes the order themselves with their preferred courier after you've selected a date that suits you best. Delivery costs and availability are unique to each restaurant and delivery notes are available on each meal kit under the "delivery" tab.

Where do my boxes come from?

The restaurants chefs themselves! Straight from the kitchens of the UK's most iconic restaurants to your front door.

Am I paying extra on my meal kit?

Absolutely not. You won't pay extra purchasing your meal kit through Feast It Deli as opposed to the restaurant directly

What if I am ordering to multiple addresses?

Please make a unique order each time or if it's a large request, you can always contact us at
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